Tyre & Wheel Alignment Offer.

Tyre & Wheel Alignment Offer.
Trust the best, fit the best.

We are proud to introduce a range of Mercedes-Benz Original Tyres to our current product offering. You can now enjoy the convenience of changing your tyres when you visit any one of our selected dealerships nationwide.

Why Mercedes-Benz Original Tyres?
  • Selected specifically for Mercedes-Benz vehicles; to work with the suspension and handling of your vehicle, MO tyres improve driving dynamics.
  • Because we promise the perfect fit. This allows us to select the ideal tyre for your vehicle, offering improved comfort for you and your passengers, while also reducing road noise.
  • The assurance of Mercedes-Benz expertise and experience.
Book your Wheel Alignment today!

Misaligned wheels on your van can impact the longevity of your tyres and cause tyres to be replaced prematurely due to adverse wear. Correctly aligned wheels can help:

  • Reduce tyre wear
  • Increase longevity of tyres
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Improve handling, steering and braking